Garage Sale

Garage Sale

We're teaming up with the BC Overlanders to put on our first ever Garage Sale!  This Saturday, March 26th forget the hassle of FB Marketplace and join us in the back parking lot to swap, trade or sell used truck, camping and off-road parts.  We have a bunch of great used or lightly damaged gear to sell for a great price!

Here's what you need to know:

Time - Saturday, March 26th 12-4pm

Location - Overland Outfitters Shop - 17969 Roan Place

Anyone is welcome to sell used parts, however, we will only be allowing sellers vehicles in the lot.  If you aren't vending, please park respectfully on the neighboring streets.  Sellers awnings, tables and popups are encourage.  It might be wet!

There will be a sale held at Overland Outfitters store during the event, so be sure to pop by and check out what's going on there as well. 

See you Saturday!