Overland Garage Sale

Overland Garage Sale

Spring is just around the corner and we're hosting our 2nd (annual?!) Garage Sale swap meet with the BC Overlanders!  Have some old gear collecting dust in your garage?  Ditch the hassle of Marketplace and come hang out on Saturday, March 18th from 12pm-3pm at 17969 Roan Place.

If you are selling, please bring a table or setup your tailgate, so it is clear what you have to buy.  And we kindly ask that if you don't have anything to sell, please leave that space for people who do, by parking on the side streets (not in the lot).

This event will be held at our garage, but be sure to swing by the store for a one day in-store sale, that will be taking place (details will be release week of the event).

Look forward to seeing you there! 

-o2 & the bc overlanders

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