Benefits of a Roof Top Tent

Benefits of a Roof Top Tent

So, Overland Outfitters has begun.

What better way to kick-off our blog than to tell you some of the benefits of using a Roof Top Tent?!

Camping is supposed to be rugged and natural and outdoorsy, right? But sometimes those things aren't the most pleasant to sleep with through the night. Ground tents are great for a lot of things, but they aren't super well known for being comfortable or overly convenient. Hiking trips, long-distance biking, or setting up a long-term base camp, and a ground tent can be an excellent option. Outside of those parameters, however, a rooftop tent can be an incredible aid to having a great time.

Without further ado, here are some of the greatest bits about using a RTT!


Flashlight pinched between shoulder and neck, trying to scrape away every stick and rock that lies between you and comfort. Rolling out your tent and setting it up in the dark. Losing the tent pegs, and tripping over the guy lines. Finally crawling in and finding you missed a rock right in the middle of your back, and you seem to be constantly sliding towards one side... Sound familiar at all?

With a RTT, you just pull up, take off the cover, open your tent and extend the ladder. Boom. Done. You are completely off the ground, so there's no need to move any sticks or stones. There are no guy lines to close-line you at night either, which is nice. If you do find that there is no level place to park, the easiest way to flatten out is to drive 1 or 2 tires up on a rock or a piece of wood and pull the parking brake. It's really no hassle at all. Once you've set up a tent once or twice, you should be able to park, and be ready to sleep in minutes. Plus you can leave those sleeping bags in there when it's time to pack up!


Rooftop tents have a thick foam mattress built-in, that keeps you warm and comfortable. The entire floor of the tent is foam too, so roll around all you like! You won't find that you've inadvertently rolled off your mattress in the night.

Tents are generally built to be lightweight. With a RTT, this isn't as big of a concern, because the vehicle will be doing all of the carrying. Because of this, a much thicker material can be used for the walls and ceiling, keeping more warmth in.


Now there's no sense in lying and telling you that a Roof Top Tent is bear-proof, but there is a certain security in being 5-7 feet off the ground! That curious deer or bear won't be nearly as inclined to bother you. (Please practice safe camping techniques!)

Besides, who doesn't love that feeling of being in a tree fort??


As mentioned earlier, with a thicker material used for the tent, RTT's are also more weatherproof. The rain, wind, snow, or whatever kind of precipitation won't be reaching you easily! And when the rain does start to fly, you won't wind up bailing water out of your sinking tent either!


All of that storage space in your vehicle you typically use for your sleeping bags and tent is now freed up! I'm sure the backseat could use the extra legroom!


So there you have a few of the biggest benefits of camping with a Roof Top Tent. Trust us, once you sleep in one, you'll never want to use a ground tent again!


So there you have it! If you're interested in owning or renting a Roof Top Tent for yourself, have a look at our RTT collection HERE, or book a rental HERE.

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