It's Happening!!!! We're Opening a Store!

It's Happening!!!! We're Opening a Store!

I still can't believe that this is real. 

My wife, Jenna, and I (Braeden) have been on such a long and crazy journey over the last year and a half. It's been a heck of a time since we first decided "why not?!" and made an attempt at starting our first business. Tepui was gracious enough to take a chance on us (big props!) and we started renting out Tepui roof top tents from our basement suite, with the odd sale when we could afford to buy a few tents! 

This last summer, when we weren't working our full time jobs, we were installing or uninstalling tents in our free time. It turns out that the overland community is full of incredible people who didn't mind trying out a small, unknown business. We owe everything to those first customers who encouraged us to press on and go for our dreams! 

We finally decided to make the leap, and here we are! Jenna has gone full time into our business, making connections, working the back-end, keeping social media up to date, and making sure we stay on track. I have continued on with my full time position (who fully support our venture here!) to cover our living expenses while we drop all of our savings into something that we hope will set us apart from your typical "off-road" or "camping" shop. Whenever I'm not working there, I'm working on building our shop, or making sure we are going to have the most amazing products that I can think of!

Surrounded by incredibly supportive family and friends, we've been working our butts off to make something out of our dreams. The truth is, we aren't here to stack up big piles of cash, or try to make a name for ourselves. Overland Outfitters was started because we simply love the spirit of adventure; Old friends, new friends, incredible views, wildlife, nature, hiking, camping, biking, trees so tall you lose yourself in the branches, and nights so clear that you can't help but feel completely irrelevant. We just want to try to remind every person who crosses our path about everything that makes each of our journeys so beautiful. Maybe it sounds totally lame, or cliche, or like I'm trying to get all philosophical here, but that's our real goal. 

So that's our story. Our beginning. Our first step into something that has a very indefinite future, but we are so excited to be getting our feet (and hands and face) dirty. So come by, say hello, give us some criticism, we're always keen to grow! Tell us about yourself and the journey you've found yourself on! Maybe pick up a new piece of gear. But definitely don't be a stranger! 

Huge thank you's to everybody we've met on the way, and every single person who told us we could do it! This one's for you!!!!! 


For more up to date info, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. @overlandoutfitters

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  • Deborrah Munro

    While I had the privilege of being your “first customer” on Nov 20! Congrats on a great looking store….love the rough wood walls! See you at your “Grand Opening” on Dc2/2017!!

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