Why We Don't Post Trip Locations

Why We Don't Post Trip Locations

This conversation has been going around a lot lately, so here’s our take..

When it comes to getting into the backcountry, we believe that everyone needs to be prepared and responsible in doing so. Not only for yourself but out of respect for the areas you are exploring. There is always a certain level of risk involved with travelling in the backcountry whether it be mechanical issues, wildlife, injuries, weather, landslides, etc. and it is all of our responsibility to be prepared before going out into remote areas.

Part of being prepared to travel in the backcountry (& part of the fun) is doing the research to find cool spots. 

We all have the same resources available at our finger tips to find the gems; whether it be BRMB, Gaia, Avenza, or numerous other resources. Every place Braeden and I have traveled has been found through BRMB, searching google earth, trying random roads or travelling with close friends. (And tbh not every trip leads us to the most breathtaking view. Some have lead to dead ends or lots of mosquitoes. It’s all part of it!)

Geotagging has unfortunately caused certain ‘picturesque’ areas to become overrun and mistreated by the masses. Some of whom, unfortunately, have little regard for the environment, leaving garbage, waste, and destruction behind. 

We recognize that not everyone acts this way and we are happy to see more people getting outside, but unfortunately this is a very real result of our ‘social media’ age.

We are not trying to be rude in ignoring your questions, but we won’t openly share these types of answers over social media, because when it comes to ‘leaving no trace’, we believe that applies online as well.

Not everyone will agree with this take and that is fine. Everyone is entitled to their opinions! This is in no way an act of ‘elitism’ as some might call it. It’s just what we feel is our responsibility to be good stewards of the backcountry and making sure we are encouraging people to do the same!

When asked in person, we have been happy to show customers how to use a BRMB and will even point out general areas that might be a good fit for customers to explore (be it Squamish or Harrison Lake, etc)! 

We feel that if we are going to encourage people to get outside, we also have to do our part in educating, to ensure people are doing it safely and responsibly. We want to do what we can to avoid adding to the problems, while still encouraging people to explore the backcountry of British Columbia and beyond!

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