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Our new shop is located at 110-18436 96 Ave Surrey, BC

We are really excited for the opportunity to have a proper showroom available for you to come and check out! See the gear in action, ask us questions, or come by to buy or have us install some rad products!

We offer installation services for everything you need on your off-road Toyota; From fabrication work to bumpers, suspension or electrical systems, and maintenance! If you need something installed or taken care of, definitely ask us. Please visit our installation page for more details!

So much! We strive to have a wide variety of equipment available in stock. Everything you would need to get out on your next adventure! From Vehicle upgrades like Suspension, Lights, Bumpers or Wheels, to camping equipments such as Stoves, RTT's, fridges, coolers, recovery gear, camping pots/pans, flashlights, you name it, we probably have it! And if we don't have it in store or on our website, there is still a very good chance we can order it in for you!

If it's a Toyota, we work on it! We specialize in off-road Toyotas, old and new. Primarily we work on the Tacoma, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser and Tundra platforms!

In order to help you out better, we've partnered up with Sandman Hotels, to give you a discount on your hotel stay while we build your truck! Reach out to ask about this option!

We have four 2-Post Lifts, and one 4-Post Lift that is set up for alignments. We also have 2 bays available for work on the ground.

We enjoy the creativity and challenge of custom fabrication, and making something truly unique that works well. We can do solid axle swaps, 4-link setups, frame reinforcement, custom crossmembers, cages, etc. Custom work is billed as time worked, as these jobs are extremely difficult to quote.

Short answer: None.

Long answer: It really depends on your goals. Your suspension moves up and down, but the main fixed point is where your suspension bumps out. That is when the tire is stuffed into the wheel well as far as it can go. This point does not change with a lift. So the only way to truly clear a larger tire is with cutting and trimming. Lifts help clear tires at ride height, and ride height only.

If you want to get in deep on this topic, check out this blog we wrote.

Yes! We do! We like to put out videos that help you learn more about wheeling and Toyotas, as well as videos about our adventures and the different trucks we build or see out in the wild!



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