Freedom Recovery Gear Tommy Pulley Block
Freedom Recovery Gear Tommy Pulley Block
Freedom Recovery Gear Tommy Pulley Block
Freedom Recovery Gear Tommy Pulley Block

Freedom Recovery Gear Tommy Pulley Block

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    Introducing the Tommy Block! (Thompson Pulley Block)

    Ask us about the pre-order DISCOUNT before April 22-2024, for a new product discount to be applied to your order!

    Tommy’s the strong silent type.

    We set out to correct the challenges that come along with conventional steel pulleys and snatch blocks that are typically really heavy (commonly 2675 grams or about 6 lbs or more) as well as challenges with open recovery rings that anchor with a soft shackle that uses the soft shackle a the bearing surface. This type of recovery ring can pose some challenges, as you either wear you rope if the ring doesn’t turn or wear the soft shackle if the ring turns.

    We found these types of products didn’t work well and were made with poor/ loose tolerances. In some cases they don’t hold the rope in the sheave when rigging tension was lost. The result is potential for rope on rope (no one wants that). Another common issue is loose tolerances between the sheave and cheek making a space large enough to grab or damage a rope. We ‘ve even see that some rings don’t even rotate, so the rope travels over a static surface. We set out to fix the issues we saw and after more than dozens of variations and a few years of testing the Tommy Block was born and designed with a purpose.

    Tommy Block is proudly made in Canada and was designed in Canada and the USA.

    He’s made from a combination of high strength fibre reinforced composite from DSM (the guys that make Dyneema Brand Rope fibre), along with high strength low weight non-ferrous metals.

    The High Strength non-load bearing injection moulded cheeks feature an industry first angle scale markings with the angle vector multipliers (techie stuff to help you figure out mechanical advantage and line load reductions). The Cheeks are designed to capture the winch line and keep it in the sheave even if tension in your rigging is lost. The swing cheeks are wrapped around hard anodized 6061 aluminum axle and sheave. Nestled between the sheave and axle are an aluma bronze bushing with self-lubricating graphite inserts turning on a hardened stainless bearing race for long life with no lubrication required.

    To keep everything in a nice neat serviceable package we use a 304 stainless spiral locking ring to hold it all together. The locking rings don’t require special tools (ie Snap ring pliers) to remove. A small screwdriver or a pic is all that’s needed. Which makes it easily field servacable.

    To complete the pulley we paired it up with our ½” Tuff-Xtreme Trail Soft Shackle (perfect for crazy overlanders) or upgrade our Dyneema Pro (DyneemaSK78) Super Flex Soft Shackle (ideal for the Professionals and first responders)

    We’ve also optimized the sheave for use with synthetic rope only.

    Tech Specs:

    Rated For industry. 4:1design Factor

    Independently tested. In accordance with CI1500B

    Working Load Limit (WLL):13,100lbs

    Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS):52,500lbs

    Side Plate Material: Ultra High Strength fiber reinforced composite

    Sheave Hard Anodized Billet 6061 Aluminum

    Axle Hard Anodized Billet 6061 Aluminum

    Bushing: Aluma-bronze with Graphite inserts

    Synthetic Rope Only Max. Diameter: ½”

    Weight 1350grams / 3 lbs with Soft Shackle 1550 Grams

    Integrated Angle Scale with Angle Vector Multipliers

    No Jam Technology (no gap between sheave and cheeks)

    Matched Soft Shackle Rating MBS 65,500 Lbs

    or WLL 13,100lbs (5:1 Design Factor)

    1 Year warranty against Manufacturers Defects some conditions apply.

    Made Proudly in Canada

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

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