JD Fabrication 2005-2023 Tacoma Frame Brace Kit
JD Fabrication 2005-2023 Tacoma Frame Brace Kit
JD Fabrication 2005-2023 Tacoma Frame Brace Kit

JD Fabrication 2005-2023 Tacoma Frame Brace Kit

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The Toyota Tacoma is great truck in stock form and is very capable off road machine with some mild modifications.  Perhaps the trucks biggest downfall is the factory frame and the amount it flexes.  While the lower pivot kit stiffens up the front and the frame box kit reinforces the rear, the middle section of the frame has been identified as the weak spot. 

The Toyota frame is built with over lapping, riveted C-channel construction starting underneath the rear of the cab all the way to the back bumper.  Simply jumping up and down on the back bumper will reveal just how evident the frame flex issue is as you can watch the bed separate from the back of the cab.  When driving down the highway you can feel the rear of the truck bouncing along causing a jarring sensation in the driver seat.  Keep in mind everything described above is with the truck in stock form.  Once the additional weight of camping gear, larger spare tires, bumpers, recovery gear and especially roof top tents the frame flex becomes dramatic. 

JD Fab decided to fix this problem once and for all with a massive 3/16" thick, boxed frame brace kit.  The braces start underneath the cab and go all the way up to the factory bump stop location.  The kit completely replaces the flimsy front spring hangers while "frenching" them in at the same time.  This is a neat feature that will prevent the front spring hanger from getting hung up on rocks as its now integrated into the frame brace and creates a smooth transition to slide over things.  The kit is compatible with any aftermarket stock length leaf springs.  They didn't stop there... There are also integrated the upper shock mount and an optional bolt on bump stop mount to the frame brace which allows the entire kit to bolt on!   The shock towers are designed around the use of a 12-14" shock for "spring over axle" applications and we use Energy Suspension bolt in bump stops (sold separately) to eliminate hard bottom outs.  Please make sure to select with or without bump stop when making your purchase. 

The install requires the removal of the factory front spring hangers, bump stop mounts and shock mounts.  It will also require you to notch the factory bed mount and rear cab mount.  Once the frame has been prepped the entire brace bolts to the factory frame using the supplied grade 8 hardware.  The kit also includes new lower shock mounts that will need to be welded to the axle housing. 

You have the option of a raw steel finish or powder coated black.

Please be aware that most sliders will likely not fit with this kit installed without modification. 

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